Need the U.P.C. Database?

NEW for 2018 - The U.P.C. Data Market

At the outset, YES I have the U.P.C. Database. In fact, I have many U.P.C. Databases.

However, before you send me an E-Mail requesting database files, YOU need to know what to ask for.

Before I tell you, let's look at the structure of a U.P.C.:

The first six digits above - 614141 (in this example) - are the Company Prefix assigned by GS1 US (formerly the Uniform Code Council).

The next five digits - 00027 - are the Company's internal Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) or product number.

The final digit - 2 - is a computer generated check digit.

While Company information is available from GS1 US, product information (the SKU and corresponding U.P.C.) is not.

For those of you still reading, I would assume that you are seeking MORE than just Company information. To that end, what you are really seeking is an

Electronic Product Catalog

These "Catalogs" contain:

BASIC product information - such as U.P.C., Manufacturer, Brand, Item Name, etc.

for various CATEGORIES of items - such as Food, Health & Beauty, General Merchandise, Spirits (Beer, Wine, Liquor), etc.

and optionally, FULL data elements, such as:

NUTRITION FACTS - Total Fat, Fat UOM, % Daily Value, etc.

INGREDIENTS - (for Fritos Corn Chips) Corn, Corn Oil, Salt, etc.

SHELF MANAGEMENT - Product Dimensions, Pack Size, Parent Child, etc.

ADDITIONAL DATA - Endorsements, Allergy Information, Warnings, etc.

Selected product images are also available.

My current "flagship" products include these Electronic Product Catalogs:

Food (Packaged Goods, Perishable, and Non Perishable)
Health & Beauty (Analgesics, First Aid, and Skin Care)
General Merchandise (Office, Toys, and Household)
Snacks & Sodas (Chips, Jerky, Bottled Beverages)
Spirits (Beer, Wine, Liquor, and Mixers)
Tobacco (Cigarettes, Cigars, Smokeless)

Additional Grocery Data includes:

PLU Data (for Produce)
MT Data (for Deli Meat)
Nutrition for Spirits
Nutrition for Produce
U.P.C. to SR28 Interface
Restaurant Data

Electronic Product Catalog - Example Applications

Product Look-Up

Mobile Applications
Coupon Integration and Processing
Product Catalog Normalization and Completion

Product Research

Consumer Product Positioning and Strategy
Brand Name / Manufacturer Cross Reference
Health and Wellness Applications and Studies

Regulatory Compliance

2005 Sunrise (GTIN) / 2010 Sunrise (DataBar) Issues
SNAP Products and Exceptions
WIC Product Data

Supply Chain

Point of Sale (POS) Software Vendors
Inventory Verification Services
Grocery Delivery Services

Electronic Product Catalog - Particulars:

For Electronic Product Catalogs, pricing is based on:

Category (Food, Snacks, Spirits, etc.)

Depth of Data (POS [for Point of Sale], Extended [for Web Applications], Full [for Advanced Product Search])

and Application Platform (Single User, Web Site, Kiosk, etc.).

Pre-Built Files (Sub Sets for Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Tobacco Stores, etc.) are also available.

Monthly and Quarterly Updates are available.

Databases can be delivered in ASCII Text, Excel, or Access formats.

Should you wish further information, Catalog Pricing, or Data Samples, please contact me at 469-277-6750, or via E-Mail.

For those who require Professional Consulting in the areas of: U.P.C. / EAN Creation, (Coupon) Family Code Management, Data Synchronization, or Database Normalization, click Here.

For those who want to build an application that uses Coupon U.P.C.'s, click Here.

Electronic Product Catalog - Alternate Sources:

For those seeking Data in Consumer Electronics, Computer Hardware and Software, Household Appliances and Housewares, Office Products and Furniture, and Hardware, contact:

Sherry Frederick at Etilize Inc.
Phone: 970-222-0241

For those seeking Data in Books, contact:

Peter Ashekian at Bowker
Phone: 908-219-0066

For those seeking Data in DVD's, Music, and Video Games, contact:

Tivo (yes, Tivo)
Tivo Corporate Web Site
(Click on Products & Solutions, then Metadata)

Electronic Product Catalog - Final Thought:

Today you can find U.P.C. Data most everywhere, ranging from simple "user supported" Web Sites and Sponsored Data Libraries - at No Charge - to fully attributed Item Databases designed for truly Commercial use with easily "justifiable" Prices.

My Data falls in the latter category.

Put another way, when your Data HAS to be "right", Call me.

©2019 Gregg London